Swipe Away Hunger Guest Swipe Donation Drive

Help Swipe Away Hunger reach its goal of collecting 500 student guest swipes this Fall, which will go to providing 500 hot meals for those in need for Thanksgiving. All UA freshman and meal plan holders get 10 guest swipes included in their plan each semester. Don't let these go to waste! Donate up to 5 swipes online and make a real change in your community. Each guest swipe you donate goes directly to feeding a man, woman, or child in Tuscaloosa who otherwise may not have eaten that day. Spread the thanks this Thanksgiving and donate at http://bamadining.ua.edu/swipe-away-hunger/
Sustainable Development Goals
Guest Meal Swipes
Donate at http://bamadining.ua.edu/swipe-away-hunger/.
Please input how many you donated and put today's date as "estimated delivery date"
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