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Books to Prisons – Alabama was formed in 2009 as a partner group to the D.C.  Books to Prisons Project, which has been active since 1999. Both groups provide free (donated) reading material in response to inmates' letters. Our work is done solely on donated time and resources.   We have been able to mail over 1600 package to inmates in response to their letters.  

We have also helped with the libraries at Clara Verner and Presbyterian Apartments, The Juvenile Detention Center, and donations to Friends of Taylor Harden.

We are always in need of donated books, mailing tape and volunteers. Our main fundraiser is offering cookbooks and vintage books at the River Market and Vintage Mart several times a year. As per guidelines in our 501 (c)(3), we are not allowed to sell any books so we ask for donations for the books we offer.

We want to spread the word about our organization in hopes of getting new volunteers, book donations and perhaps some financial support.  

Thank you for supporting literacy outreach to prisons.

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There are other ways you can volunteer if you can't come to these meeting times. Please send us an e-mail at

Thank you